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OperaNow! #222: Is It Bob Odenkirk?

Vienna State Opera loses another conductor...Metropolitan Opera lays off 22 non-union workers thanks to Mike Mayes's's's' rants...Kiri Te Kanawa thinks Britain is "Killing" talent...Death of Klinghoffer protests scheduled for opening night at The Met...Man who beat cab driver fearing he wouldn't make the curtain of Fanciulla avoids jaintime.

This week in Oliver's Corner, Carlo Bergonzi just does everything better.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug, Jenny Rivera and Mike Mayes.


OperaNow! #221: Who Are You?

Opera Tells Before and After Tale...Singer Fired After Ranting On Facebook...Alagna Scared Away By The Audience Again...L.A. Opera Extends Domingo's Contract...Met Grand Tier Restaurant Seeks New Manager on Craigslist...Lyric Opera Virginia Closes Doors...Man Beats Cabbie With Cane For Fear of Being Late to Fanciulla.

This week in Oliver's Corner: does Adina have any redeeming qualities besides being highly literate?

Plus Guess Who Died and and a new segment: Who's That Guy In That Show?

This week features Michael, The OC, Jenny Rivera, Mike Mayes and Megan Marino.


OperaNow! #220: Armistice

Met Reaches Deal With AGMA and AFM...Met Predicts Larger Deficit Next Season...San Diego Opera: The Whole Story...Wainwright Selling The Shirts Off His Back To Fund Prima Donna Recording...Mountian Lion (And Accoridng To Peter Gelb, Most Americans) Scared Off By Opera...Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera Scraps Fall Season...The Show Must Go On...All Of Her Fingers Must Hurt.

In part one of Oliver's Corner on Elixir of Love, Belcore is a d*ck.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson, Jenny Rivera and Michael Mayes.


OperaNow! #219: Live, From Music Academy of the West

Our first live show, from sunny Santa Barbara...

The Met union struggles continue but with some light at the end of the tunnel...Germany saves the day once again with opera jobs...Tamar Iveri plans gay bash to make up for her previous gay bash...Is opera racist? (probably).

This week in Oliver's Corner, not even Marilyn Horne can get him off of his script about Act 2 of Carmen. 

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Jenny Rivera, Will Ferguson...and MARILYN HORNE!

Stick around till the end for a wonderful tribute to Carlo Bergonzi by our Friend in Venice who has worked with him for the last several years.


OperaNow! #218: So Long, Kid

Arts Council puts the squeeze on ENO (they lost weight in preparation)...Eric Owens puts his money where his mouth is...Some revalations on how The Met chorus is paid.

In Oliver's Corner, seven tenors-you-should-know  show you how to talk to a lady, how to scare the audience, and how to vocally demonstrate wood.

Plus Guess Who Died? The Man, The Maestro, The Maazel.

This week features Michael, The OC and Mike Mayes and Tim Myers (with special guest stars at the end.)


OperaNow! #217: God Bless 'Merica

Opera Australia PR Nightmare...Chicago Festival Can't Pay for Beethoven...Klinghoffer and other problems at The Met.

This week in Oliver's Corner: I came here to give you a kiss.  From your mother.

Set your phasers to OPERA.

Plus Guess Who Died?


OperaNow! #216: Look Ma, No Orchestra!

Metropolitan Opera on the edge of a precipice...Some companies are doing fine...Covent Garden wraps up homeless Dialouges...Anger over electronic orchestra causes postponement.

In Oliver's Corner, we learn that Handel was the Stephen Spielberg of the high baroque, and Cavalli was the Orson Welles (?),  never mind.  Just listen to some nice duets from  La Calisto.

Tune in to the end to hear an interview with Eric Einhorn and Jennifer Petersn on On Site Opera where we discuss the company and their new production of Rameau's Pygmalion happning now!


OperaNow! #215: Goat Boy

San Diego Opera names former Lyric Opera Chicago chief Bill Mason as Artistic Advisor...What happened with the incoming director at La Scala...The Met opens up on budget and contract negations...Andrea Bocelli embroiled in eponymous wine scandal.

In Oliver's Corner:  if he-goats are a turn-on, Calisto is the opera for you.

This week features Michael, The OC and Jenny Rivera


OperaNow! #214: You Stay Classy, San Diego!

The show will go on for San Diego Opera (sans Ian Campbell)...Metropolitan Opera and ALL the unions seem to be at odds with the orchestra authorizing a strike should talks fail...3 of Great Britain's hunkiest critics mercilessly go after the Octavian in Glyndebourne's Der Rosenkavalier and Alice Coote strikes back...Opera fans suffer more after treatment for prostate cancer...Opera News (Nudes) appoints new publisher...Anna Netrebko does video ad for Austrian Air.

This week in Oliver's Corner - Cavalli: What happens in Venice stays in Venice.

This week features Michael, The OC and Jenny Rivera.


OperaNow! #213: Joan's Other Land

San Diego Opera Give Themselves Until May 19th...Ian Campbell placed on paid leave...Ben Heppner says "So Long, Eh?"...Javier Camarena receives rare encore in Cenerentola at The Met...Jonathan Pell stepping down from Dalls Opera...Canadian Music Festival Takes Down "Questionable" Billboard...Dave Mustaine of Megadeath shreds Wagner in San Diego.

In the final installment of Così, Oliver's Corner illustrates why you should never hire a sassy chamber maid if you want to live the Seria lifestyle.

Plus the answer to last weeks OPERABUSTERS! and Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and listener on the show Chris Ternes.