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OperaNow! #204: Rowdy & Randy

Counter-tenor David Hansen teases..."Rufun" Wainwright getting back to the opera grind...Man will come drink, sing and put together your cheap Ikea desk...Man gets clotheslined by cable and sues cable company...Netrebko and Schrott splitting...Maazel doesn't care for Kim Kardashians's selfies.

This week  in Oliver's Corner, a furious, writhing Cosi teaser with examples by Agnes Baltsa and three mystery mezzos.

Plus OPERABUSTERS! and Guess Who Died?

If you are so inclined check out tenor/teacher Michael Sylvester's Kickstarter project, "English Diction and Enunciation for North American Singers".

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Michael Mayes. Be sure to tweet @rufuswainwright and say that @mazerthehazer should play Hadrian #COC2018 #operanowpodcast


OperaNow! #203: There's A Fine Line Between Sexist and Sexy

No Thanks, America's Got Talent! And, why is an opera company thanking a critic on Twitter for a good review?

Anne Midgette actually likes a singer...Alberto Vilar gets tossed back into the hoosegow...New York City Opera get the go ahead to sell their wigs and harp...Rolando Villazon returns to The Met after HORRIBLE vocal ailments...Soprano sings Messiah now that she has been asked...French opera company goes with the DAD AX32.

The conclusion of Oliver's Corner on Otello with examples by Jonas Kaufmann, Ailyn Perez, Francesco Merli, and Julianne Baird (!?!?)

Plus Guess Who Died? and the answer to last week's OPERABUSTERS!

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Mike Mayes.


OperaNow! #202: Soul Man

Il trovatore came to Stamford Corn Exchange...B casts delight in Norma and Forza.

Oliver's Corner continues Otello.


This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.

This episode is sponsored by EMI Classics, presenting their latest release by conductor Antonio Pappano - Verdi's Sacred Voices. Available at you local retailer and online. Check it out and tell 'em OperaNow! sent you!





Sorry There Has Been No Show...

It's entirely due to various stages of illness of either myself, the (stupid baby) or Jenny, and not my own personal podcasting angst or breakups!

It's been an ongoing saga and we hope to get something up very soon!



OperaNow! #201: Peter Gelb's Sexxxy Office Key Party

Metropolitan Opera composer program finally producing show(s)...Breaking Bad: The (Possible) Opera...Peter Gelb's office is a secret swinger's pad...NYCO's financial meltdown in more detail...Richard Bonynge and that bel canto sound.

This week Oliver's Corner celebrates Verdi's birthday by trying to wrap his tiny mind around Otello.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson, Jenny Rivera and the spoken-word return of Texapolitan Opera Road Show's Michael Mayes.


OperaNow! #200: Looks Like We Made It

James Levine Returns To The Met...Opening Night Protest at The Met...Composers Look to Books And Movies For Material...The bell tolls for thee, New York City Opera...Dallas Opera Balances Budget Ahead Of Schedule...Weight Loss Film Shown At Opera House...Human Piano.

Oliver's Corner Finishes Up Eugene Onegin with the man himself and Prince Gremin.

All that plus an alternate universe where NYCO thrives and The Met Dives...what could have happened?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera. Plus, some old tyme podcasters.


OperaNow! #199: The Alma Mahler Sex Doll

Gerard Mortier out at Teatro Real...Juilliard grads bring opera to the schools via superhero stories...Opera makes mice live longer...Opera News Awards recipients announced...The tale of the Alma Mahler sex doll...Portland Opera has nobody to market their shows.

This week in Oliver's Corner five sopranos "pull a Tatyana" by writing one very long and messy letter that repeats the same phrase over and over again.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera.


OperaNow! #198: How Many Crossroads Can There Be?

NYCO at yet another crossroads (and not the good one with Ralph Macchio)...Debora Voigt says to turn out the lights, the party's over...Gerard Mortier undergoes cancer treatment...Courting the young tech community in Silicon Valley.

This week in Oliver's Corner, we begin a three-part series on Eugene Onegin  just in time for the Met season premiere with the music of Lensky performed by Neil Shicoff, Nicolai Gedda, and two mystery tenors.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera

@operanowpodcast, @theoperaqcompany, @dougdodsonenews, @jjennymr


OperaNow! #197: Bathhouse Baltsa

Dolora Zajick backs out of Dolores Claiborne..."Hot" Opera "Direc"tors...At Tip For Stage Parents.

In the second part of Oliver's Gesture Corner, Juan Diego Florez shows you where the Emotional Zone is on your body;  Erwin Schrott and Denyce Graves teach you how to time your gestures perfectly; and three examples of Là ci darem la mano prove that it is best to always sing facing downstage.

This week features The OC and Doug Dodson.


OperaNow! #196: I've Got a Gesture For You Right Here Conlon cancels due to surgery...The Met responds to petition blasting Putin...Scalia & Ginsberg opera...Stephen Fry explores the "science" of opera...How a fall can affect your singing...Singers fall into water during Magic Flute.

This week Oliver's Corner (featuring Teresa Stratas and Angela Gheorghiu) returns and he is looking at your fingers while you are singing.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and Peter Barbera.