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New Post, same Host...

I've come to the realization that if I want this dumb show to succeed, then I need to really keep on top things. The actual production of the show...the recording, the editing, etc. has really taken up most of my time. Initially I didn't even really have a "home" for the show. I would just tell people to get us from iTunes or from the cheap page the my hosting server gave me (no offense...Switchpod is great...and for now, it's FREE).

I'm sure I'm not using this blog format correctly as a way to host a podcast, but at the very least I need to keep the postings up-to-date. That will be my goal from now on. I'll try to get some kind of drivel up here every day. Sometimes it may be a pearl or two of wisdom...most of the time it will be pearls before swine...but at least it will keep me connected to you, my dear listeners. I say listeners because the show for me is the thing (wherein I'll catch the conscience...whatever) that is what I'm all about.

As a note, I want people out there that are or are not listening to the show that the term podcast can be a bit misleading. I (and many other "podcasters") have been told that they would like to listen, "but they don't have an iPod." I'm here to tell you that you don't need an iPod to listen. With this blog set up the way it is, you can listen right here...just click on the show link and your default audio player should open up.

Some proponents of this form of media have wondered if it might be a good idea to change the term podcast to something else..."netcast" has been bandied about, as well as my own, "show you listen to on a computer or portable audio device." Whatever you call it, you can listen to it anywhere!!!!

Show note...I think that the episode I've been mentioning for some time now...our look at new FINALLY going to happen...look for it some time next week!

And now...enjoy...


Episode 7 - Why Can't the Americans?

This we week we continue our discussion of vocal training in America...

Episode 7 - Why Can't the Americans?


Episode 6 - Nothin' But Muppets!

It seems like puppets are all over the place the Met and elsewhere. We look at the trend as well as a few other choice bits from the past week...

Episode 6 - Nothin' But Muppets!


Jon Vickers as Peter Grimes

We've mentioned this clip in previous shows and I thought I'd put it up...

Great stuff!


Episode 5 - Prisoners of Love...and Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

Our latest show is up. Also, all the technical problems are over! When I recorded the show, we were still having of today, we are back up at the iTunes store. Just search for us again, and subscribe that way. Also, our email address is now:

This week's show is a heartwarming look at the redemptive power of opera in the prison my opinion, a much better alternative to being shivved in the shower (well, at least BETTER if not much better).

We also take a look at the YouTubes and all the crap you can find on it...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you soon with a new show...

Click here for Prisoners of Love


We're Baaaaaaaaaack!

We are back up at the search in the store for "operanow" and re-subscribe...

We also have a new show up and a new email address: click the link above to opine...

Sorry about all the crap that went down, but what can you do???


iTunes still down

For some reason the show is not showing up in iTunes. As I mentioned yesterday I've done some back-end changes and as a result, things seem to have gotten screwed up!

We should be posting a new show up tomorrow so stop by here to get it...


iTunes feed may be down for a day or so...

I am in the process of changing things on the back end so the iTunes feed will be down later's amazing how complicated it can be to set everything up to get one of these shows up and running!

It should be back up tomorrow...if you subscribe via iTunes, just do a new search for "OperaNow!" and resubscribe...

Look for a new show later this week. Until then, here is another example of old school American singing...from Jerome Hines...a singer who was a mainstay at the Met but never really got the attention he deserved. This is a favorite clip of my father's...I think Hines actually drives away at the end, but it's cut in this posting...

PLEASE understand...the main thrust of the site and more importantly, the show, is to comment on topics and ideas..BETWEEN shows I think that it's good to try to redirect people to great singing. YouTube and the whole culture of podcasting has made this possible. We've discussed in previous shows how important listening was to the education of a singer...this is my way of doing that.

AND...if you leave a comment, please at least leave a name...I've opened the comments up to anyone, but I do ask that you at LEAST sign it!


OperaNow! has a new homepage...

Well, we now have a more congenial home for you to interact with us here at OperaNow! You can now download our shows right here at our new blog or at iTunes if you are an iPod whack-job like I am...

Stay tuned for more shows and stories next week...

And for those of you who listened to our recent episode, "What's Opera, Doc?", here is a link to get OperaModa's calendar...

We spoke a few episodes about the "golden age" of American singing. This is what we meant...

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