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Beware: Flying Panties!

Another show is up and ready.

This week we look at the story of a chorister heading to Iraq, Kiri Te Kanawa goes to court to avoid getting hit by ladies underwear, dance fever hits the Grapes of Wrath, and we say farewell to Gian Carlo Menotti.

We welcome back Brian MacGilvray, Matt Boresi and Oliver Camacho.

There may be a few time in the show where it seems like we are all talking over each other and reacting to nothing. For some reason this episode was a mess when recorded. Much of it was out of sync. I did my best to clean things up but it took so long that I eventually gave up! There, I said it.

Episode 14 - Beware: Flying Panties!


Where's the New Episode, Ass^%$#!???

Fear not...a new episode will be up by tomorrow...

Sorry it’s been over a week. I need to wait for my storage at Libsyn to recycle so I can upload new material...


OperaNow! Forum now up...

We now have a forum where you can here or look under the links on the mid right frame of the page...

Keep it clean...unless you're REALLY mad!


Domo Arigati, Pavaroboti

This week we recap the Magic Flute (for the last time...I promise!), Domingo does Boccanegra, Kiri backs out of a concert, afraid of getting hit by a pair of panties, and we delve a bit into technology and the world of opera.

Our panelists are Roberta Rice, Kevin Kees and Oliver Camacho.

Episode 13 - Domo Arigati, Pavaroboti

Erratum: I apologize to you Bond fans...Grace Jones appeared in A View to Kill...Not Octopussy.


Listening Explosion!

For some reason (perhaps the high content and cheap jokes provided by me) the show has exploded in popularity over the last week. It's still not at "Meet the Press" podcast numbers, but for a little show like ours, its great!

Thanks to all who have been listening and are (apparently) spreading the word...

Once again I ask you, if you are listening and like what you hear, email us at so I can get some feedback (which I will probably ignore, but you never know!)

Also, a new show will be up by Tuesday the 30th!


The Opera Company performs in Chicago...

The Opera Company (The OC) will be taking part in the Chicago Cultural Center's "Day of Opera" this coming Sunday. More info can be found by visiting the Cultural Center's website

The OC was founded by OperaNow!'s own Oliver Camacho...check the show out if you are in Chicago!


Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

This week we look at several stories in the news...Hell the Musical, Bedbugs, Paris in Vienna and the Met Movie Show (and several others).

Episode 12 - Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

This week we feature Brian MacGilvray, Roberta Rice, and Mr. David Gordon...


Paris to be at the Vienna Opera Ball(s)?

I saw this article yesterday...

Man, what is the world coming to?


Movin' on up...

Now that we are back in the iTunes store (search in the store for operanow), we are slowly but surely movin' on up the opera podcast ladder at iTunes...thanks to all who are subscribing!!!

"Look at George and Weezie go!"

Keep on listening for more questionable insight into the mad, mad, mad, mad world of opera.


Live Show...anyone interested?

I'm toying with the idea of a live show in the near future. There's a free service on the internet that would allow you to call in and let me take calls. I'd then record the show and post it up for download as usual.

If you would be interested in calling in and saying your peace, email us at