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Announcing the Spring OperaNow! Line of Fashion

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Comment on iTunes!!!!!!

If you have been listening, give me a comment on my iTunes page!

I need to build up my street cred!!!! This show has been free to you, the about giving something back?

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Episode 17 - Summer YAP Makes Me Feel Fine

This week we look at summer Young Artist programs. The highs and the lows.

Our guests are Ethan Watermeier, Audrey Babcock and Leah Wool.

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The Power of the PodPress?

I hope our recent episode isn't responsible for this one. NYCO has announced the postponement of next year's production of Ragtime. We discussed this in Episode 15 - The Godfather...Part NEVER! I think we looked it at it in a fair and balanced way (if I may borrow from O'Reilly) . Some were for, some were against and some were indifferent (which would probably be the norm among most people).

While a canceled production is never a good thing, somewhere down deep a part of me is dreaming that our discussion was somehow was to blame. That we've become so vital and important in the business that what we say cannot help but shake opera to its very foundation.

Who the hell am I kidding?


New Voicemail for OperaNow!

OperaNow! has new phone number where you can leave us a voicemail with comments, suggestions and general praise for the extremely high level of workmanship we put into the show.

The number is (206) 424-3617. Keep in mind that if your message is particularly funny or interesting we may put it on a show!


Episode 16 - The Fly...The Opera

This week we look at the new production of The Fly due out next season at LA Opera with Howard Shore, David Cronenberg and Domingo. We also discuss the new appointment of Gerard Mortier at NYCO and the new push for new productions and more movie theater presentations by The Met. Does sex sell in opera? Should there be more or less (or even some)? All rounded out by Guess Who Died?

The show features Kevin Kees, Roberta Rice, David Gordon and new member, Anne Choe.

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We've Gone Legit!

Friends, it appears that I will be taking part in the Opera America 2007 conference in Miami at the end of April. I've been asked to take part in a panel called "Broadcasts and Podcasts and Webcasts, Oh My!" The title is a bit on the cheese side, but I am very excited and grateful to have been asked.

I'll have more specific info and some other musings regarding what I may do in the near future. Until then, click on Professor Wagstaff to find out more information on the conference (shameless cross-promotion). And check out the clips below! The first is from Duck Soup...the second A Night at the Opera (possibly more appropriate). Harpo Marx learned on his grandmother's harp. If you look at the end of the clip, I like to think of the old woman looking on in rapt attention and delight to be his grandmother looking down on him from whatever after-life she was in and feeling an unbelievable sense of pride and love...


Episode 15 - The Godfather...Part NEVER

It's that time again folks...Episode 15 - The Godfather...Part NEVER!

Playstation 3 at ENO...A Horror opera?...Ragtime hits NYCO...Sofia Coppola says yes...then NO!...Guess who died...and an interview with Bowen Park Opera.

Our guests are Kevin Kees, Oliver Camacho and special guest twin brother, Chris Rice.

Check out Bowen Park Opera here.


The Fly...The Opera not walk...

This is my dream come true friends...what a movie. It starts out...BAM...right in the middle of a conversation...and it ends...BAM right in the middle of a dead man-fly laying on the floor.

One of my favorites...


Prisoners of Love-Redux

I just re-listened to Episode 5 - Prisoners of Love

It's a great episode...LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure Zero would be proud...