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OperaNow! #211: San Tijuana Opera: Donqey Showtte

San Diego Opera...nuff said. (Plus some other stuff.)

This week Oliver's Corner analyzes all of the secco recit in Cosi (whoopee!) and shows how singing in 6/8 can lead to immorality.

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera.


OperaNow! #210: Mr. Oliverchev: Tear Down This Picture

Metropolitan Opera to cut Union's pay and AGMA makes dire prediction...Placebo Dominguez is defying age (and gravity)...Kiri Te Kanawa (may) be retiring again...Thomas Hampson calls in sick for Wozzeck...Fabio Luisi wants you to smell you like rain-soaked skin and Earl Grey Tea...The 3 Little Piggies is back!

This week in Oliver's Corner, Cosi Fan Tutte, Part One ossia Slut Shaming Dorabella

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Jenny Rivera.


OperaNow! #209: Guess Who's In This Opera?...FOOD!

Amateur archaeologist discovers Roman-era German treasure linked to Wagnerian Nibelung legend...The Hymens are back!...Lyric Opera Appoints Ethnic Ambassadors to the city of Chicago (they are free to wreak havoc across the city having possible diplomatic immunity)...City Opera family celebrate what would have been the 70th Anniversary.

Oliver's Corner is taking requests for his last segment on Britten's Midsummer Night's Dream.

Plus Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC, Douog Dodson and Jenny Rivera.



OperaNow! #208: Crossover: The Nicotine Patch Of Opera

Renee Fleming Super Bowl Anthem Monday Evening Quarterbacking...Katherine Jenkins Keeps Making No sense...Metropolitan Opera Reports Falling Attendance...Gerard Mortier says "Regrets...I've Had a Few."...Kim Kardashian to Attend Vienna Opera Ball...Botched Episiotomy Wreaks Havoc on Opera Singer's Career...Sacramento Opera & Symphony Gets Last Minute $500K Bailout.

This week in Oliver's Corner Part 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream - a look into the music of Britten's Middle- Earth.

This week features Michael, The OC and Doug Dodson.


5 Things You Need to Know About Opera Before This Super Bowl


OperaNow! #207: F-You, Music Business!

Peter Gelb will now negotiate...Danielle de Niese says sexy is...can...blah...Jackie Evancho thumbs her tiny nose at musical education...Milli Vanilli scandal turned into opera...Samuel Ramey says BRAVO to cash offer on his house.

This week Oliver's Corner investigates the world of the supernatural and the fairies in a Britten's  A Midsummer Night's Dream

Plus Weekly Dirge, the answer to OPERABUSTERS! and Guess Who Died?

This week features Michael, The OC and the return of Doug Dodson.


OperaNow! #206: Jenny Is On Fire

Maestro Wants Mozart Turned Down...Brokeback Opera Coming Soon to Madrid...J&R Classical Section Shuttered (didn't know it was there)...Anna Netrebko Apparently Skips Out on Elixir Final Dress at The Met...NY Times Critics List Modern Operas They Like...Lesley Garrett Plans Changes on Home in Epworth...Shitty News.

This week the Polar Vortex and Unnamable Indiscretions have resulted in Oliver's Corner examining the beloved American coloratura soprano Roberta Peters  with examples from La Sonnambula, Hamlet, L'Elisir d'Amore, and a song by Debussy.


This week features Michael, The OC, Michael Mayes (he's like a bad penny) and Jenny Rivera


OperaNow! #205: Merry Christmas, We Tried

Just give it a listen...


That Rarest of Occasions...

Michael singing...


OperaNow! #204: Rowdy & Randy

Counter-tenor David Hansen teases..."Rufun" Wainwright getting back to the opera grind...Man will come drink, sing and put together your cheap Ikea desk...Man gets clotheslined by cable and sues cable company...Netrebko and Schrott splitting...Maazel doesn't care for Kim Kardashians's selfies.

This week  in Oliver's Corner, a furious, writhing Cosi teaser with examples by Agnes Baltsa and three mystery mezzos.

Plus OPERABUSTERS! and Guess Who Died?

If you are so inclined check out tenor/teacher Michael Sylvester's Kickstarter project, "English Diction and Enunciation for North American Singers".

This week features Michael, The OC, Doug Dodson and Michael Mayes. Be sure to tweet @rufuswainwright and say that @mazerthehazer should play Hadrian #COC2018 #operanowpodcast