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OperaNow! #266: Latvian...Soprano...Gays...

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soprano was georgian. try googling: "tamar iveri opera australia". sorry - not very good at pasting urls on an ipad. cmcd

August 1, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterchristopher mcd

Can you post pictures of the cds you were given? I'm off from social media, so won't see stuff on FB.

August 14, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterKevin

Congrats to Doug for winning his first appearance on Jeopardy! I have never rooted for a Jeopardy contestant so hard. :)

October 2, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterzach

Hey, you guys are back? Or not...? Anyway, welcome to So Cal and Long Beach. Hope to hear more from you soon. This is what we've had to put up with in the meantime...

Film students analyze and don't quite understand Ingmar Bergman's film of The Magic Flute.

At least they get that "Mozart is an artist in his own right" even though one of them "struggled" with this.

October 24, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterdnitzer

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