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OperaNow! #255: Gi-Giunta-Claire

Yannick coming to The Met (in 20 years)...

In Oliver's first Corner on The Rake's Progress we listen to Paul Appleby, Laura Claycomb, and Dawn Upshaw in her prime.

This week features Micahel, The OC and Matthan Black

Reader Comments (2)

Oh boy...that little postlude was rather depressing...anyhow...believe it or not, Layla Claire and Wallis Giunta *did* appear in Cosi together, and were cast [beyond their vocal attributes] precisely because they were so convincing as sisters! At the COC just a couple of seasons ago. So there! Wallis was in the COC's Ensemble Studio [YAP] for two seasons before going on to the MET Lindemann program. Enjoyed hearing Matthan Black again - that guy is everywhere it seems. Hoping for the return of Doug Dodson sooner than later - maybe he can inspire you to keep fighting the good fight!

June 30, 2016 | Unregistered Commentergianmarco

Hey guys, still loving the show here and I think I'm up to 2012 now, listening to Poppea. My roommate listens in at times but not being a musician himself, he frequently has me stop and explain terms that Oliver uses, eg: ostinato, minor 2nd, monody, tetrachord, tri-tone, for example. I can't sing a minor 2nd dissonance and resolve it for him, or a tri-tone, I'm not a buddhist monk, and I can't haul oiut Pachelbel one more time to provide an example of dissonance resolving to consonance. Is there any way to have a keyboard or something in studio (!!) to play an example of what these things mean? Not suggesting playing an entire Bach passacaglia or anything like that, but when you talk about specific music terms, like a certain chord progression, or an example of a chromatic scale, or parallel chords or open fifths and why they sound strange. I think that would be helpful for newbies, if they could hear what some of the music terms sound like, rather than having them described, if possible. Othewise, I'm going to have buy a piano. I'm scared to death you're going to get into Wozzeck or Lulu at some point, and then I'll be stuck with trying to explain a tone-row.

July 13, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterdave

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