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OperaNow! #234: Dean Man Walking....TWO!!!

Zachary Woolfe gives The Met a physical on (but doesn't make them cough)...Lyric Opera Kansas City fires their Artistic Director...We do some of the work...Countertenor moves to St. Louis to quell riots...Opera website will show one opera a month...Fat Shirley's to hold auditions in late May.

In Oliver's final installment of Dead Man Walking, Mazer the Hazer makes us cry. 

This week features Michael, The OC and Mike Mayes.

Reader Comments (3)

Awesome show, welcome back! Love the DEad man excerpts. Been listening to Susannah, what do you think of Floyd vs Heggie OC? Great to hear MikeM's take on Dead Man. Floyd seems closer to musical theatre? Cheers guys, thanks!

May 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTDS

Just discovered the podcast and am happy to see so many past episodes to listen to. Regarding the Dead Man Walking excerpts and De Rocher putting the moves on Sr. Helen, that was taken straight from life. It is in the book and the movie. I think he was testing her and trying to see if she was strong enough to stand up to him. Will a virgin nun be able to cope with the knowledge of who he is and what he has done? Why is she there? What is her real motive? She rebukes him sharply, reminding him that their time is too short to play games. She has to sacrifice a lot to get to visit him, and if he's going to waste her time, she's not going to bother with him. In her own way, she is as tough as he is. People have so many misconceptions about nuns, it's a relief to have something that shows the underlying strength that some of them have.

June 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKilian Metcalf

Oliver should consider himself lucky that the HD broadcast of the Met's new Cav/Pag was as dark as it was. It was crap. It wasn't that the director didn't want to light it, it was that the director had nothing to say. Wait, I take that back. He did say that Cav was the more backward-looking work, and that Pag was the opera of the future. Yes, he did too, I'm serious. He really said that. He did. And so did many of the folks backstage during the interviews, including the conductor. This was the operatic version of the Walk of Shame.

What I want to know is, what would have happened to all those people if they had disagreed and said the emperor / director wasn't wearing any clothes? I'm willing to bet there is a copy of a speaking points memo from upper management somewhere...

One short moment from the Cav to provide the flavor of the day: after intermezzo, when the chorus re-enters with "A casa, a casa amici" - well, they didn't really re-enter, they were already seated atop a rotating turntable (a very verismo rotating turntable, I might add) - but on the words "A casa, a casa" they stood up and sat right back down again. Because, you know, Easter dinner is getting cold waiting for them to get down off the verismo rotating turntable and go home.

They should have just done a concert version. The voices were fine, but there was no hint of Sunday morning, or Sicily, or springtime, or a cathedral, or anything, other than a dark, dimly-lit, rotating platform with a bunch of people on it. Stupid. This is why Gelb has budget problems and falling ticket sales.

August 20, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterdave

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