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iTunes feed may be down for a day or so...

I am in the process of changing things on the back end so the iTunes feed will be down later's amazing how complicated it can be to set everything up to get one of these shows up and running!

It should be back up tomorrow...if you subscribe via iTunes, just do a new search for "OperaNow!" and resubscribe...

Look for a new show later this week. Until then, here is another example of old school American singing...from Jerome Hines...a singer who was a mainstay at the Met but never really got the attention he deserved. This is a favorite clip of my father's...I think Hines actually drives away at the end, but it's cut in this posting...

PLEASE understand...the main thrust of the site and more importantly, the show, is to comment on topics and ideas..BETWEEN shows I think that it's good to try to redirect people to great singing. YouTube and the whole culture of podcasting has made this possible. We've discussed in previous shows how important listening was to the education of a singer...this is my way of doing that.

AND...if you leave a comment, please at least leave a name...I've opened the comments up to anyone, but I do ask that you at LEAST sign it!

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