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Rant 'n Rave > Greer Grimsley

I am still working my way through the back issues, since I ddn't find out about you until after the Podcast Awards. Tonight I was listening to the January 2008 edition where Michael's Corner featured Greer Grimsley. I know you don't get up to Seattle; but he is our Wotan, and does a great Walküre. I checked his site as you were playing his piece from Tosca and there is a great shot of him on top of the burning mountain. I also noticed that he lists singing at the Lyric! You guys gotta start listening to Wagner along with Rossini and Mozart, eh?

Love the program. I hope to be current by the end of the year, since it is pretty much Opera Then, right now. I'm comin' for you. I'm comin'. Tell everyone. Tell Randy Gonzales.
April 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarkinictoria